Equipment Rental

For the Traffic Control DIYers Out There

Traffic Control Equipment and Safety Devices for Rent

LANE LOGIX offers more than a wide range of traffic control services. We also rent various pieces of equipment so you can create your own safe work zone. When you rent our high-quality signage, devices and equipment, our traffic control professionals will:

• Handle all procurement and equipment sourcing.
• Maintain our equipment.
• Deliver and pick up all equipment.
• Swap out equipment if issues arise.
• Perform standing zone inspection of rentals.

Ready to Take the High-Tech Route? We’re Paving the Way!

Interested in the latest technology? In addition to the equipment listed above, we can obtain a Smart Work Zone System from a specialty vendor. This portable traffic-monitoring system uses sensor technology to collect data and provide traffic updates — in real time. LANE LOGIX is happy to assume the role of vendor coordinator, so you don’t have to!

LANE LOGIX Is Driven to Meet Your Equipment Needs

We help our customers create safe, compliant work zones that protect workers and the public while they pursue their important projects. From low-tech devices such as signs, cones and rumble strips to the new, high-tech Smart Work Zone System, we help you obtain the equipment you need, when and where you need it.

When traffic control equipment is needed, LANE LOGIX always takes the high road. We never let a customer down — we honor every commitment by doing exactly what we say we will do.

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