Don’t Let Poor Traffic Planning Rain on Your Parade

Are you planning a special outdoor event — parade, marathon or celebration — that requires traffic control? An indoor event that would benefit from professional parking management? You have enough to worry about, what with organizing, planning and marketing your event. The last things you want to fret about are the safety and liability issues associated with vehicular/pedestrian conflicts. Let the experienced professionals at LANE LOGIX handle the vehicle and pedestrian traffic or mark off your route and close applicable roads — so you don’t have to!

Why do you need to hire a professional traffic control firm? Consider the following:

  • Are you familiar with the often-complex laws that govern street and public area usage?
    The traffic specialists in your area are.
  • How reliable are your volunteers?
    LANE LOGIX employees show up on time and ready to work.
  • Do you have the proper equipment?
    LANE LOGIX does.
  • Do you understand how to plan for temporary road closings?
    LANE LOGIX does.
  • Do you or your volunteers have first aid training in the event of an accident?
    LANE LOGIX does.
  • Can you perform this vital task safely and without interfering with the event?
    LANE LOGIX can, and we do!

After accepting a special event job, we:

  • Learn the event details.
  • Design a safe and compliant traffic and/or parking plan.
  • Ensure staff availability before, during and after the event.
  • Coordinate with the local police force as required.
  • Procure and deliver all the necessary equipment to the site.
  • Mark the route and/or delineate the parking areas.
  • Set up detours and barricade/close relevant streets.
  • Set up signs/message boards and other equipment.
  • Flag and direct traffic and people to the event and parking.
  • Provide parking and crowd control assistance as needed.
  • Keep the event sponsor informed about any issues.
  • Tear down the zone and remove equipment at the event’s end.

Why LANE LOGIX Is the Logical Choice

Our experience includes traffic control for marathons, city parades and events that require parking logistics. We successfully planned and executed a job for Uber in which 100 vehicles waited at a single site for customers; that was quite an exercise in coordination! LANE LOGIX is trusted by local police departments to take on jobs that the police are unable to do because of staff shortages or other responsibilities.

Contact LANE LOGIX well ahead of your special event date to ensure that we have plenty of time to plan and reserve the right equipment and personnel for your special day. Our goal is to ensure that your event runs smoothly, safely and on time. With the trained professionals at LANE LOGIX handling your traffic control, you won’t hit any bumps in the road!