Getting Utility Lines Across Highways

Safely accomplishing this potentially hazardous service safely requires very detailed planning and timing. LANE LOGIX follows a precise set of steps, including coordinating with highway patrol and staging rolling roadblocks, that allows your team to work efficiently and safely.

LANE LOGIX undertakes end-to-end planning, permitting and law enforcement officer (LEO) procurement. We create a highway rolling roadblock two or three times a day. After each one, we reset; when a safe window appears, we do it again.

In the field, our employees:

  • Map out the area and set up signage.
  • Wait for the supervisor’s green light.
  • Coordinate officers and flaggers in trucks.
  • Overtake the highway 2 miles out.
  • Slow traffic to 15 mph or less.
  • Indicate the last vehicle to get through.
  • Add 3-1/2 to 5 minutes before opening traffic flow.

Why LANE LOGIX Is the Logical Choice

When you need to get a distribution line across a highway, you want to work with the expert — and LANE LOGIX is that expert. In fact, we have built a reputation for good work and reliability that has been recognized by our area’s Department of Transportation (DOT).

We excel in the coordination and planning required to successfully complete these types of jobs. No step is missed in our planning process. After a customer provides the project date and time, we complete all paperwork, provide plans for permits, and schedule the police officers and equipment, so everyone and everything arrives at the right place, at the right time.

Nothing is left to chance. Our precision execution and planning package includes the upfront work that ensures that all goes according to plan: 3 – 4 days advance notice to those who need to know, walk-through with an officer prior to project start, notification of flagger contacts and creation of a pre-op safety brief. Rest assured that LANE LOGIX never lets safety take a back seat to speed!