Our Employees Are Trained and ATSSA Certified

Every LANE LOGIX employee is an American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)-certified Traffic Control Technician (TCT) who has completed classroom instruction and on-the-job training. The TCT course is geared to individuals who work in the field installing and removing traffic control devices and offers information about temporary traffic control in work zones. The course presents students with concepts, techniques and practice exercises in the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices. *

Our Employees Are Traffic Control Instructors

We do more than train our employees. Because of a labor shortage in the industry, some customers rent our equipment and provide their own traffic control rather than wait for a vendor to become available. The experienced traffic safety professionals at LANE LOGIX are available to train our customers’ crews so they better understand the traffic control industry, learn to flag traffic in the field and reduce their liability.

In-person traffic control training is more effective than online education because we go into greater depth and offer the opportunity for Q&A sessions. Our training incorporates the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) procedures, OSHA directives and our internal procedures. We are also prepared to update and improve our customers’ existing training programs.

Why LANE LOGIX Is the Logical Choice

Our Traffic Control Technicians are fully trained to perform temporary traffic control duties for our customers. They understand how to install traffic control devices in work zones, monitor their performance and recognize deficiencies during the course of the project. * But we go beyond this by also training our customers’ employees.

Almost every utility company requires that all its employees are ATSSA-certified. As an active member of the Ohio chapter of the ATSSA, LANE LOGIX is uniquely positioned to train utility companies, construction companies and many other companies’ employees. We are the traffic control trainer of choice in our area for these reasons:

• We operate an on-site training facility.
• We are available to train at your site.
• We will train at the actual worksite, too.
• CPR/first aid/bloodborne pathogens training is included.

* Source: https://www.atssa.com/Training/Find-a-Course/Traffic-Control-Technician#/qbeld/Web_TCT_Events