Serving a Wide Range of Industries

LANE LOGIX works with customers in diverse businesses, providing safe, compliant traffic control services. Regardless of industry, our goal is to protect workers, drivers and pedestrians from the hazards of ongoing traffic adjacent to work projects.

While we are able to provide services to virtually any company requiring traffic control services, the following industries are the ones we work with most often. If your industry is not listed on this page, contact us anyway — chances are, we can help you, too!

Events. We help event planners keep participants and attendees safe by obtaining all required permits, marking routes, setting up equipment, channelizing traffic, flagging passing vehicles, managing parking and more.

Power Lines. Utility companies use our traffic control services to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians through temporary work zones while also protecting their workers and equipment.

Pipelines. Pipeline construction and excavation projects require professional traffic control services to ensure the safety of workers and the public while optimizing project efficiency and mitigating traffic disruptions.

Renewables. The growth of renewable energy sources requires the construction of new transmission poles and towers as well as substation structures. During their installation, effective traffic control keeps workers and the public safe.

Emergency Response. Traffic incident clearance following a hazardous materials spill presents a unique challenge. We respond quickly and manage the scene efficiently and effectively, moving traffic through the area while keeping the victims and public safe.

Cables (Internet, Ethernet). Cable companies often work near roadways. They require detailed, site-specific and compliant work zone traffic plans to keep their workers, passing pedestrians and the motoring public safe.

Construction. Road construction projects are a large portion of our business. While the normal traffic flow is interrupted, LANE LOGIX creates safe, compliant work zones to protect workers, drivers and pedestrians.